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Japan as a travel destination

Are you ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than Japan! As a South African traveller, Japan may seem like a far-off destination, but with the right planning and preparation, it can be a trip of a lifetime.

Reasons for choosing Japan as a travel destination for South Africans

Japan is a popular destination for South Africans, who are drawn to its rich cultural heritage and history, natural beauty—and advanced technology. They come to explore festivals and enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Fuji or other natural wonders.

Visitors to the country can experience Japanese customs and traditions through activities such as tea ceremony and martial arts, in addition to enjoying the beautiful gardens and dining on delicious local cuisine like sushi, ramen, and teppanyaki.

The Japanese people’s hospitality and politeness is one of South Africans’ biggest attractions to Japan. In addition, the country offers so many opportunities for learning and new experiences—even just taking a walk around town can lead to unexpected discoveries!

Time and Distance

The total duration of a flight from South Africa to Japan is approximately 17 hours and 46 minutes.This assumes an average speed for commercial aircraft of 500 mph, which equates to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also adds 30 minutes for take-off and landing time at either end of the journey

The total straight line distance between South Africa and Japan is 13509 KM. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between South Africa and Japan may be higher or vary due to curvature of the flight path.

Actual flight times may vary depending on aircraft type, cruise speed, routing, weather conditions, passenger load, and other factors.

Planning your trip

Visa requirements for South African citizens visiting Japan

To visit Japan for business or tourism, South Africans must apply for a visa. The visa is usually added to their passport as a stamp or sticker. To get one, they need to provide the following documents:

Tourist Visa

  • Visa Application Form 
  • Passport Photo
  • Passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Accommodation Bookings 
  • Bank Statement
  • complete flight schedule and return air ticket

Business Visa

  • Visa Application Form 
  • Passport Photo
  • A valid Passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Accommodation Bookings 
  • Bank Statement
  • Original letter from their company 
  • Invitation letter from the Japanese company to which they are going

How to apply for Japan tourist visa from South Africa

Step 1 : 

Gather all the necessary documents required for a Japan tourist visa including passport and any other supporting documents. 

Step 2 : 

Check that your South African passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Japan. If not, apply for a new South African passport. 

Step 3 : 

Fill out the application form for Japan. 

Step 4 :

After filling, providing the required documents with your passport and making the payment and submitting the visa application at the Embassy of Japan 

Step 5 : 

Once a visa application for Japan is approved, you will receive a visa sticker in your passport and will be notified by email. 

Step 6 : 

Pick up your passport from the Japanese embassy 

Step 7 : 

Upon arrival in Japan, present a South African passport to the immigration officer at the counter. 

Step 8 : 

You will receive a Japan visa stamp in your passport, which allows you to stay in Japan for the duration of your stamping.

The Japanese Embassy in South Africa

Location: 259 Baines St, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 0027, South Africa

Operation Hours:  09:00 am to 12:30 pm, then 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm on Mondays through to Fridays

Phone Number: +27 12 452 1500


Getting to Japan from South Africa

Regarding how to get to Japan, there are several flights from South Africa to Japan.

Available flights from South Africa to Japan

There are several flights from South Africa to Japan. The most popular route is Johannesburg—Tokyo, with multiple airlines offering this route including South African Airways, Japan Airlines and Emirates.

Here is a List of websites where you can find detailed information about available flights from South Africa to Japan and compare their prices:

Comparison of different airlines and routes

When choosing an airline and route for travelling to Japan from South Africa, consider flight times and stopovers as well as prices. Compare prices from different airlines to find the best deals.

Tips for finding the best deals on airfare

  • Shop around for the best airfares from different airlines.
  • Book flights well in advance.
  • Use fare comparison websites to find low-cost travel options.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates and times.
  • Look for deals during the shoulder season.
  • Use rewards points or frequent flyer miles.
  • Sign up for airline newsletters and loyalty programs.
  • Check prices in incognito or private browsing mode.
  • Look for deals on budget airlines.
  • Avoid flying during peak travel times.
  • Keep an eye out for flash sales and last-minute deals.
  • Consider alternative airports or routes.
  • Use a VPN to search for deals from different locations.
  • Look for bundled vacation packages.
  • Book round-trip flights instead of one-way.
  • Use credit card rewards for discounted or free flights.
  • Keep track of price changes for your desired flights.
  • Use airline apps for notifications of special deals.
  • Look for deals for students, military or senior citizens.

In summary, Japan is a destination for everyone. With proper planning and preparation, it can be a trip of a lifetime for South African travellers. From bustling cities to quiet countryside, from modern skyscrapers to ancient temples and shrines, Japan can be an unforgettable destination.

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